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Dining in the taverns has a different character from eating in our restaurants. The typical way is to order many smaller foods which will become one large buffet table from which everyone can pick their favourite dish. Another typical sign is that you will get a piece of bread with everything you order. It is normal to see someone eating pasta and completing the dish with a slice of bread. If you order a full course meal, you will usually get a free dessert, either fruit, baklava, chalva, depends on what the restaurant currently has.



A dish which is usually served in a baking dish is made up of three main ingredients - eggplant, minced lamb and béchamel sauce. Different regions of Greece add different ingredients, like tomatoes or potatoes.


Traditionally, it is a fast-food appetizer from various small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables, grilled on a skewer. Do not be fooled, however, if someone uses the term for souvlaki gyros in pita. It is used probably because souvlaki can also be served in a pita like gyros.


tzatziki Tzatziki is a traditional dish that is served as a starter, a salad and even a dressing to gyros. It is made of yoghurt, sliced cucumber and garlic, dill and olive oil. It is a custom on Crete to make it with sliced carrots, too.

We have prepared a photo-recipe for this delicious food from ingredients you will be able to find all supermarkets. You can find it here (we are working on english version).

Greek salad

řecký salát Greek salad is similar to our well known mixed balkan salad - it is made of tomatoes, salad cucumbers, peppers and onions. The main difference is in the cheese used. For the mixed salad, we use balkan cheese, for the greek salad we definitely need to use feta cheese, made of goat milk, and olives. You should add some oregano and olive oil to make it taste better.

You can find our photo recipe here.


Except for it being added to the tradition Greek salad, feta is also eaten just on its own. There are many options to prepare it. In some taverns, you will get the feta baked in the oven with tomatoes, in some gyros places it is grilled in a pita as a vegetarian version of gyros. Feta is also great as a snack for beach BBQ’s.


Gyros is a well spiced meat (chicken, pork or lamb), which is grilled on a big grilling rod and sliced off for every person. The traditional way of serving gyros is in a pita with onions, tomatoes, tzatziki and chips. You can also order it in a restaurant to be served on a plate and you will basically get everything that there is in the pita but on a bigger area.


A bakery made of dough similar to pastry which is available in all supermarkets and smaller shops. It is usually filled with feta cheese, but you can also eat it with meat, spinach or even something sweet.


Baklava is a sweet dessert served in different variations in all countries which used to be a part of the Ottoman empire . The Greek dish is made of layered filo dough (the same as in tyropita), filled with nuts and sweetened with caramel and syrup.


Traditionally made ​​from the extract of Saponin plants mixed with sugar syrup, but today it is produced from roasted oily kernels (sunflower, nuts, sesame) and candied materials with starch syrup. You can also buy halva in shops and tearooms with eastern goods or healthy ingredients. The halva you can buy in Greece has a more crystalline structure.



Coffee is very popular in Greece. Just like everyone in the Czech republic loves their beer, the Greeks always have a coffee to drink - frappe. It is made of soluble coffee, ice and sugar, you can also add some milk but you need to say this to the waiter. All of this will be mixed up so that a foam is formed on top. It is served in a plastic cup with a straw.

Freddo espresso, capuccino...

A different type of frappe is a freddo. Freddo espresso is an ice coffee where you use espresso instead of soluble coffee. Freddo cappuccino is also made of espresso but some cream is added to the foam. This cream is quite thick, similar to our sour cream.


Typical sweet drink from southern Crete. It is a lemonade made from cinnamon, best served with ice and little bit of water - tastes delicious.


A traditional balkan alcohol made of the leftovers after the making of wine. If you know raki from a different country, like Croatia or Bulgaria, you need to know that every has its own recipe.


Rakomelo is a different type of raki, which is mixed with honey during fermentation. It is sweeter than traditional raki and has a light brown colour.


A variation of a spirit made of wine which is seasoned with herbs after burning. The most distinctive flavour is anise, so it can be compared to licorice. Ouzo is a clear substance and if you put it in a freezer, it will become milky white.