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Δαμνόνι (Damnoni)

Damnoni, just like most parts of south Crete is a heaven for nudists. All of the beaches on Crete are officially nudist, that is why it is not forbidden to swim or sunbathe naked. If you want to sunbathe with the other naked people, Damnoni and Amoudi (a beach a couple of metres away) are the places you should go to. As Crete is quite mountainous and not very densely populated, you will encounter many luxurious hotels for nudists.

There is no problem with parking next to these beaches as not many people visit these places. Therefore, you can go there at any time of the day and you won’t have any problems with parking, which is free.

Damnoni beach and the neighboring Amoudi beach are alike, both are covered with small stones which are quite comfortable to walk on even barefoot. There are sunbeds available but you can also lie on the beach if you prefer. Regarding bars and taverns, Damnoni is more comfortable as more hotels are nearby, on Amoudi you need to walk about 100 metres to the nearest tavern.

The entrance to the sea is a little rocky and also quite steep. The beaches are supported by a cove which they are located in, so the water is quite still, however, during strong winds, the waves can get quite big. Unfortunately, it is impossible to build sand castles due to the stones in the sand. A fun activity is snorkeling around the rocks near the beach.

On the bigger Damnoni beach you will find both showers and toilets. On Amoudi beach there is no shower. We didn’t try to find any changing cabins on the nudist beaches but on our next visit we will try our best and let you know.

Damnoni - 35.173968 N, 24.417012 E
Amoudi - 35.170877 N, 24.420405 E

The road isn’t complicated, in the town of Plakias keep to the signs to Lefkogii and from there the road to Damnoni should be quite easy. Be careful when using the GPS because you might find yourself a little but off the road which usually means returning 5km and taking a different route. What we found the best option is to put in the coordinates rather than the names of the places.

You can camp and even have a barbecue on the main Damnoni beach without any worries but we have a better tip. If you can find a small beach between these two bigger beaches which is made for spending the night under the sky. It is about 12 metres long and you will need to climb about 3 metres down the rock to get there but this means it is protected from strong winds. These are the coordinates so you don’t have to look for it for too long : 35.171956 N, 24.419053 E.