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Σαμαριάς (Samaria)

Samaria Gorge is a protected area, which you can discover on the south coast of Crete. This trip is about sixteen kilometers long and is an interesting diversification of your holiday. Crete will make an unbelievable impression on you on this trip with its huge rocks, in which time the water dug out a very sharp valley, where you will find yourselves throughout the day. It is best to plan the trip to Samaria Gorge for a whole day so that you have enough time to see it all as well as relaxing on the black beach..

It is open from May 1 to October 15 each year from six in the morning till four in the afternoon.

The easiest way to Samaria is on the bus, so if you choose this one, the most convenient option, it is advisable to leave the car in Chania, so if you want to save on the bus (6.90€ ) you can reach this place by car by going to the village Omalos and leave it there. However, if you do not want to go through the gorge to the sea and back up, your return to the car will be a bit more difficult (but possible).

The main purpose of the trip is a walk along the beautiful unspoilt countryside , which is located in the surrounding mountains . Many endemic plants grow here that will amaze you. The path itselfhas a demanding character, especially if you go during the season, when the sun is very hot and it heats the stones and the gorge is in addition to the large crowd , filled with lots of heat. This is whyit is advisable to take proper footwear because you will need to walk 1,250 meters to the sea on anunpaved rocky road, which is often not possible. It is also good to take some snacks, because you won’t be able to buy anything during the walk. Anyway, everything else is perfectly secured. You only need to carry a small bottle for water as for the whole way you will have sources of water almost every kilometre. Toilets are also widely available in and if you happen to get hurt, there is also a doctor and an ass that will export you from the gorge safely .

No one may stay overnight in the gorge, it is guarded all night by a great number of security guards. Therefore, keep the ticket right until the end of the trip as the guards check it if all the people came out. If you try to avoid paying the entry, here, you will encounter problems.

It is necessary to get to the sea early enough, because of the small village of Agia Roumeli, where the road ends. You can leave this place at 18:00 at the latest, so it is necessary to adapt the timeyou came out of Omalós and your walking speed. This boat will take you to the town of Sfakia, Sougia, Paleochora and Loutro. It is very nice to have some relaxing time in Agia Roumeli, because after the long trip, it is just what you will need.

At the end of the trip is the black beach, where you can relax before the arrival of the ship. There are sun loungers, parasols, a few tavernas and bars and some very pleasant swimming. During the season the interest of Samaria Gorge is huge (states 3-6 thousand visitors a day), so the beach is literally covered with tourists.

35.307364 N, 23.917724 E

In Samaria National Park it is forbidden to stay overnight and this is thoroughly checked, so sleeping inside out of the question. The Gorge is not suitable for sleeping, so it makes no sense to try to circumvent any way. Camping is prohibited on the black beach in Agia Roumeli and it is also checked, so if you miss the afternoon ship there are only two options left. Either use one of the hotels in Agia Roumeli, which will provide a unique opportunity to experience this place, normally crowded with tourists in the peaceful light. Or use the pedestrian route from Agia Roumeli to Soúgia, which is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Crete. Another option is a walking path towards Chora Sfakion.

You can go to Samaria gorge with any of the Greek travel agencies, which are located on the main street in any town or as an optional trip with a travel agency with which you arrived. The price of this option varies, usually it falls somewhere between 50-100 €, and rarely you will pay 140 euros for it. If you go to Samaria on your own, ignoring the way to Chania and back to your place of residence, you will have to sacrifice about 30 €. Prices of individual items:

Transport typeFromToPrice
BoatAgia RoumeliChora Sfakion10€
BoatAgia RoumeliSougia8.50€
BoatAgia RoumeliPaleochora14€
BusChora SfakionChania7.60€