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Ρέθυμνο (Rethymno)

Rethymo is in a great competition with Agios Nikolaos about the most beautiful city on Crete and that is why we recommend to visit it or even write to us about your experience. The ideal time to visit it is at night, because that is when it looks at its best. The most interesting place is the fortress above the port. During the year many festivals take place here.

Rethymno is a relatively big town so parking is quite easy. If you are only thinking of Rethymno as a short stop on your way from Heraklion to Chania, the ideal thing to do is to keep to the port where you can park your car just like on the main road. Don’t be afraid to go to the narrow streets where you can also keep your car, but not always for free. That is why we recommend you to park your car near the port .

The port is not big, it has small industrial area and a bigger area with private, touristic and fishermen's boats. What is rare about it as a beach which is right in the centre of the port. The entrance into the sea is relatively accessible but we do not recommend swimming in it. The best way to spend your time here is in the evening in a restaurant looking at the lighthouse on the sea.

The main attraction is mainly the Rethymna atmosphere of the narrow streets of the historic center. If you do not follow the main promenade, you come across many dilapidated old houses ofVenetian and Turkish architecture. The main tourist roads are perfectly clean, everything isimmaculately corrected and beautiful. Still, this place oozes the historic atmosphere.

The town is dominated by the Venetian fortress Fortezza, which is above the harbor. Except of the view, there normally is not anything too interesting. If you are lucky enough that during your stay in Crete there is festival or concert, then definitely take advantage of this opportunity, festival atmosphere among the ruins of the Turkish buildings definitely has is its unique charm.

At the beginning of March, the whole city carnival, which is an interesting variegation during thespring holiday. It is a procession of floats for several hours. The whole city dances, sings and has fun runs at this time.

What is also worth seeing are several different mosques spread around the city and a pirate cruise ship moored in the harbor every evening, to which you can freely enter and enjoy sitting on it afloat.

While walking around the harbor you will encounter endless amount of barkers. After a while, they will start offering you desserts, drinks, wine or anything for free. You must, however, pay attention to the price of the taverns, often enough at first glance these tempting offers will pay for a whole meal. But for relaxing right by he sea, Rethymno is ideal.

If you want to save a little, you can try any tavern in the smaller streets of Rethymno. This city is not too big for a typical tavern friendliness, therefore, assume that they will make you pay the same amount for bread as for water which they will, of course, bring right at the start of your meal.After a couple of attempts, we found the classic gyros place Gyrospita. In Rethymno we found a very pleasant gyros place, which is in the alley below the fort. It is an open room with about eight tables, an amazing service, pleasant toilets and a choice of meats for the gyros, which costs €2.70.

Talking about the nightlife, Rethymno is more suitable for a relaxing evening than a party. It offers a nice cafeteria near the port where you can enjoy your meal and an evening chat. But if you are looking for something more wild, right on the beach is a Cactus Beach Bar whose reputation says that you will spend the wildest night of your life there.

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