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Μαλια (Malia)

Malia was one of the first destinations which tourists started to visit. Here you will find many sandy beaches, beautiful hotels and an amazing boulevard full of discos and wild summer fun. It is typical for women to spend a nice holiday here but also a lot of men groups decide to spend their free time in Malia. If you want to have a great time, you should definitely come here.

If you are traveling for a night, we recommend going by bus which departs from Heraklionu, as partying doesn’t really go well with driving a car. If you just want to pay a small visit to this town, there are many small streets where you can keep your car but do look out as the driving is quite complicated.

Originally, Malia wasn’t just one town but a set od small fishing villages which explains why there isn’t a port around the city centre. There is just one small port for fishermen and yachts. Instead there are many sandy beaches with great facilities like the toilets and different beach activities.

Malia is famous mainly for its wild nightlife with all of its bars, discos, taverns and cafeterias. All day and all night everything is very lively. If you are afraid of loudness it is true that the main street Dimokratias is surrounded by all of the bars but most of the hotels are further away from all the noise which will guarantee a good nights sleep.

In Malia they also found the remains of the third biggest Minoan palaces on Crete. According to all of the information, Malia was the first occupied city on Crete and many archaeological researchers are still looking for new things to explore. There is also a beautiful view of a part of the highest mountain on Crete which is close to Malia.

You can try various dishes of the world in Malia . The main street is stuffed with fast foods, but if you want to dine in a quieter environment, we can definitely recommend the tavern Eva Tavernaon Tsakgaraki street which is perpendicular to the main street Dimokratias.You will get Greek food in a very pleasant atmosphere, which at sunset literally calls for calm and romantic ideas. Other very positively rated restaurants are Red Lion Pub and Restaurant right on the main street and Kalesma taverna in the old town of Malia.

Nightlife, as already mentioned, is the main attraction of the town of Malia. It is a very popular party location not only for tourists but also for residents of the capital Heraklion, which is within walking distance. Walking along the main street, you can choose from many clubs, bars and discos. Most of them are free to enter and drinks are not too expensive. People come to the streets at around ten and before they go to the dance club even stop for a drink at one of the local bars. One of the wildest clubs is the Zoo.

35.286545 N, 25.461832 E