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Κνωσός (Knossos)

The Knossos palace is one of the most famous places in Crete.It is a reminder od the Minoan culture and the legend of the Minotaur hidden in the labyrinth underneath the palace. This palace firstly served as a big centre of religion and administration of the Minoan culture. It wasn’t a place just for the ruler but for the whole empire. During its existence it has been damaged by earthquakes but what completely destroyed it were us, humans. In 1400 B.C. it was destroyed by a sea nation.

Its discovery in modern times began in the late 19th century and gradually an archaeological research as conducted that continues right until today. Over the years it has unfolded the other floors of the palace, so even if you were to look at the palace a few years ago, today you will see again something different. Arthur Evans, a British archaeologist, played an important role in this research.

Palace of Knossos is located very close to the main city of Heraklion, Heraklion, from which it can be reached by public bus. The square Elaftería You just need to get on the bus number 2 with a ticket for 1.50 euros on the square Elaftería .You need to read our section on traveling by bus, so that you won’t get surprised by some of the timetables. You can also use the car to get to Knossos, you just need to get on the road to Archanes from Heraklion and you will soon see the ruins of the palace.

If you do choose the car, you can use the charged car parks near the road or the car park close to the palace, which is for free.

Around the bus stop is located a few taverns, which, given the interest of the sites have drastic price. It is possible to buy water for 1 € from the stallholders, so if you do not want to sponsor these people, buy water at a supermarket in the city. And you should know that you really will need it. At the top of Knossos is humid air from the sea and shade is scarce, so the water is really vital. At the entrance to the palace is a roofed cafe that is parched for tourists visiting the palace as an overpriced oasis in the desert.

Admission for casual visitors is 6 €, student admission is 3 €, but beware - the Greeks recognize only their own student cards, called paso. Student admission can be recovered in some places with ISIC, but Knossos is not among them. If you do want to go to Knossos for less than 6 €, there is a possibility. Some Greek monuments offer free admission for students from EE Countries. What this acronym means we did not find out, anyway, if the admission price list says anything about EE Countries, Czech or Slovak ISIC have free admission. Just ask for this benefit.

Just after the entrance many guides will catch you and try to take you through the palace in all the languages in the world. The information they will tell you are not any different from the information on the boards. It is true, however, that you won’t probably go and see all of the things there without a guide. So, if you do want a guide you will need to practice your haggling. If you seem like you don’t want it any more, they will usually lower their price. All of them watch each other and as soon as you refuse one offer, another guide will come to you and give you a better price.

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