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Χερσόνησος (Hersonissos)

Hersonissis is a place full of tourist shops, shops where everything costs 1,50 euros and many other crazy places. The biggest attraction is, however, the Star Beach. It is exactly the type of place you see in movies where teenagers and young people have big parties. You will find everything you need there. Water slides, pool bars, water attractions, discos, foam parties and even bungee jumping. You will enjoy yourself 24/7. Except for Star Beach, there is also a small port in Hersonissos full of taverns which extend right up to the Star Beach. Many of them have water pipes available. The price is normal, something around 10 euros, which is a good offer seeing as you are right next to the sea.

There are many streets around Star Beach but the beach itself does not have its own car park. Or, at least, we have not found one. A good option is to take the bus from Heraklionwhich goes every hour, sometimes even more frequently, and costs 6 euros for one adult.

On Star Beach you can swim either in the sea or in the pools, specially designed for the kids. There are different pools for different ages of children, water slides, a pool next to the bar for the older ones, which can result in many funny accidents even before midday. Therefore, if you want to spend some quiet and calm time, choose the beach or the kids pool.

Star Beach Water Park offers many services, either for the adrenaline lovers. The favourite place are the water slides, which cost 8 euros for the whole day ( you will get a bracelet). Another interesting place is the crane where you can try bungee jumping (50 euros)

Star Beach is well equipped with the toilets. Wherever you will find yourself, there will always be a toilet for you to use. There is a shower on the beach as well as changing cabins. Sunbeds cost around 8 euros for a set, but if the weather is not great and you lie down on a towel or quilt, the lifeguard will offer the sunbeds for free.

35.308568 N, 25.40451 E

Hersonissos is quite a big town near Heraklion, so the safest way to get there is to keep to the signs leading to Hersonissos or Malii. You can do this by two roads - the motorway or the slower route along the beach, which is much narrower and tortuous.

Star Beach is not ideal for camping. Seeing as it is really wild with all the parties happening there, camping here would be very dangerous.