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Άγιος Παύλος (Agios Pavlos)

Agios Pavlos is a beach quite far away from any kind of civilization, but it is unique in one thing, which will please the eye and startle the brain. It has a sand dune which leads its way right into the sea. To slide down this dune is a completely new experience which is definitely worth trying.

Parking is allowed close to the already mentioned dune, which you will easily find if you follow the signs with Sand Hills written on them. If you want to spend the whole day here, its s better to drive down the national road to the main beach, which is right next to Agios Pavlos, and you can try sliding down the dune later.

Trying out the dune is not possible during the day due to the sand being too hot and even if you do slide down, you will have further problems coming back up again. What we recommend is to visit this dune right after sunset. At this time the light brings out its best look.

Children will find this activity the most amusing, but it is best if an adult slides down first and finds the most comfortable way for them to slide down as there are some stones which are not visible in the sand that they can get hurt on.

Unfortunately, there are no toilets nor a bar at this beach. We don’t know what it looks like on the neighboring beach, what we do know is that there are sunbeds available.

35.10444 N, 24.560837 E

To get there you need to turn from the Timbaki - Spili national road to Agios Pavilos. From there you need to drive a further 12km enjoying the view of the Cretan hills until you reach Agios Pavlos. When you are in town, keep on the main road right until you see a sign saying Sand Hills in a sharp left-hand bend. Does it look like itś taking you up a hill where you will hardly be able to reach the top? Then it is the correct one. A little bit to the left from this steep asphalt road is a dusty road you will need to cautiously drive through and after a couple of hundred meters you will find yourself up close to the sand dune.

You can safely stay here overnight, but you need to wake up earlier that the sun if you want to climb back up the dune again. Otherwise you will burn your feet on the boiling sand and it will not be a pleasant experience. However,we recommend you spend your night on the nearby beach of the village Agios Pavlos. This village is quite close to civilization but the nightlife is not that wild that you should be worried you will have drunk company in your campsite overnight.